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The Perfect Time wasters!

Posted by Sgt Recon on September 26, 2011 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (6)

The 1 gHz processor turns the echo into heaven in your hand. Here are the top 5 time wasting games/apps on the list.

1. N64oid

This takes me back to my youth with classics like Donkey Kong 64, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64, etc. I have clocked in some major hours playing with this application alone. Despite the small black line that separates the screens being a minor distraction, I have no complaints! Graphics are top notch, and I have no complaints on the controls whatsoever. If you are a nintendo child, this is the PERFECT app for you!

2. Dead Space (EA Games)

Even with the app going from my 45 inch TV screen down to my 4 inch phone screen, the thrill and suspense of the game never fails to deliver. The graphics of the game are AMAZING, I cant even tell the difference to be honest. The gameplay and suspense of one of those necromorphs jumping out at you still gives me the chills! You hardly even realize that your not playing with your Xbox 360 anymore, it's that good! EA truly put all they had into this game. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take the Xbox 360 experience on the go!

3. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (EA Games)

Yet another amazing production from EA. I have never played NFS: HP on a console, but if the phone is this good, then I cant wait to get my hands on a real copy. Controls are self explainitory, you can play as both a cop and a racer (has 2 different career modes), and the cars are great. Its rather addicting, you don't realize how many hours you play this game. For example, one of my friends recommended I get it, and I wasn't really in to the NFS series at the time. I get it, download, the cache, and decide to play career mode as a suspect first. I got the game at 10 o'clock saturday night, and did not even go to sleep until 3 o'clock Sunday morning playing it. Between the amazing engine sounds through my headphones and the suspense of getting the freaking police of my tail, I was hooked. Yet another amazing production from EA!

4. Fruit Ninja

Who doesn't know about Fruit Ninja?? I don't even really have to write an explaination as to why I love it so much, because half of the android community already knows of its addictiveness! Slicing fruit never took so much of my time!! (high score is 650, beat that Echo-ers)

5. Star Legends

I'm not an MMORPG type of person, but this game is, wow! MMORPGs hit android in this game and I must say that for it being so (developmentally) young, it is quite the competitor. I haven't clocked in as many hours with this game as the other four, but when I feel like letting loose a few online bullets with some random people I have never met in my life, this game is always the go to. Plus, its free to play, with purchasable premium items in game. This totally seems like the world of MMORPGs could really make a mark in history on androids!

This isn't to say that these are the only apps I find addictive, I can't say that out of over 100,000 apps, these are the only ones that hold my attention, I have a couple hundred to be honest, but these make up the greatest of those couple hundred!

Thanks for reading and see you next time,

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