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hey all just a quick question... since there are no roms or mods available for the echo yet i want to learn how to build roms but i dont know where i can find the essential tools or programs needed to start.. if anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. also if you know of any guides that help with the process i am eager to get this phone some love and really excited to learn how to build roms as well.. Thank you.8)


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Read this

It takes time to learn how to build a good ROM, and considering it's cyanogen himself who posted it, you couldn't hope for better advice on where to start and what to do

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I too am studying how to build roms, I didnt know that cyanogen had put a post on the site though. THis is great news. If you want the 2.3.4 system directory, it is accessable on the home page! happy deving! I will be joining you soon!

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Does anyone know the people that have made LiquidSense 2.1 ROM? Well i sure as hell do since about a month ago they let me use there source codes to develop my own rom for my htc hero. turns out when you mix cyanogen with some liquid sense you get a little something called cyanosense if i can find the files ill upload them. and maybe someone could help me make it more...better


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I am a windows based programer have exprince in c++ and such I am willong to code a rom for this phone. I need to know where to start. Like codes and life we can get kyocera to support the opensource code of android and give us device driver info for roation and such. I am new to mobile devoces and have been reading up on them. Stumbled apon this. How ever I know I wouldn't get payed for this but donations are accepted. I will be starting a team to code/recode.and compile roms. So far we have me and 3 others fron my softwate engineering class. By the way names Aaron unlike cryogen I don't have life lol jking I have a lot of time on my hands. Email me Asap. [email protected] thanks. Seeing no likes this phone as.much as me its my frost abdroid os smart device.
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kgoat if you havent signed up on, please do asap. I might have some good news for you.


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